Using Linux, would like for our customers to be able to download upgrades

Using embedded 9p9215 in an instrument providing precise time and frequency information. Would like to make this a menu choice for our customers to check our website to see if upgrade is available, and if so be able to download the latest application software (i.e. we can from time to time provide bug fixes, additional features etc.)

Digi has the best solution.
Device Cloud or

There are two instances US , UK, depending upon the location you can choose instance.

All Digi devices has default capability to receive firmware updates via Device Cloud and update by itself.

You can transfer application image also and your application can decide how to flash it onto module.

You can even send a webservices request to Device Cloud to update application on n number of modules.

do you want to allow customers to upgrade entire kernel and/or rootfs? technically you can, there is a command line tool update_flash. you can transfer a new images over ftp to rootfs, then use above tool to upgrade flash partitions. update_flash is available in source code so you can write your own app that does updates. you can also easily patch portions of rootfs by simply replacing files.

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Thanks leonid looks like what I need. Presumably I load the uimage etc. files (same ones I use when using the updating flash tool) into tmp files in rootfs then execute the update_flash. Still have to work out how to execute a command to ftp into the rootfs locations, but I’ll look at that first to try and work it out.