how to manually issue IP addresss calls & compile 2 seperate codes

Thank you. I am a hardware guy so the programming required in this application is not something I am familiar with. Basically, all I am trying to do here is create a simple serial server. Could you explain to me how I would go about manually issuing the required calls? I did play around with the addp stuff and I would like to add that functionality to the device as well but I am not sure how to compile a project which consists of the TCP_to_Serial.c code and the addp.c code. I tried creating a new project and adding those 2 files in the project explorer but it will not compile. It gets to a point where it says some line of code is not found. Just from looking at some source codes in the past, I assume I need an ‘include’ statement somewhere but I’m not sure where or what to add. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you

Your best bet here would be to create a new project by copying one of the examples and then adding in features from the other. Probably start with the serial to TCP example and modify it to use the same type of setup for the addressing as the addp.c example.

The addp.c example does not do anything much other than set up the network using a default config or a previously stored one (in the user block which is in FLASH) and then wait around for an addp request which it acts upon.

Your test app would have to set up the network in a similar fashion and make sure to call addp_tick() as required to service any ADDP requests that might come in.