RCM6700 'TCP_to_Serial' Modify IP Address in Web Page

I am working with a RCM6700 development kit and I am using the sample code ‘TCP_to_Serial.c’. My question is if it is possible for the user to change the ip address information from the browser.For example, the source code statically sets the IP address to by default. Can the user change this without having to recompile the source code or must this be set during the compile? What I would really like is to have a set of input boxes above the serial port setup for the user to modify the IP address. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so could you point me towards an example of how to modify the source code?

Thank you,

There isn’t a simple example that shows exactly what you want to do but there is a good example of managing and changing network addresses in the samples cpip\addp.c program.

You need to set TCPCONFIG to 6 and manually issue the ifconfig calls to set the network up the way you want it. This way, when the config is changed by the user you can update it to match. It is probably not a bad idea to implement some of the addp stuff in your system as it allows you alter the network config from a program on a PC.