rcm3200 - change ip address from bin file without source code

i have few rcm3200 and i need to change the ip address
but i don’t have the source code (it’s an old system)
can you tell me please how can i change the ip address if i only have the bin file for this Rabbit card

Thanks a lot

I’d try looking into whether the original software provided a configuration interface where you can set DHCP or static IP settings.

Otherwise you’ll need to dump the firmware to a binary file, search it for the IP address (which could be a string or 4-byte sequence), edit the image and re-install it with the RFU utility. Something non-trivial and beyond the scope of what we could explain in a forum posting.

On the plus side, I don’t think RCM3200 includes a checksum or CRC in the firmware image, so you won’t have to make an additional update.

Thanks for your fast answer,

i will try also to edit the ip settings of the bin file with hex editor , maybe it will work .