reset IP address on RCM3200 or complete factory reset

I have a few of these RCM3200 boards that were returned to us from a customer, they do not know what the IP addresses were set to on each device. So we can’t log in or determine what is their level of functionality (they could all be dead). The IP address seems to be stored in a memory block that is not rewritten when the device is programmed. We don’t get any programming errors.

We’ve tried doing an IP search for the boards but our network sees many devices that A) slows down the search and B) makes sifting through the results a chore C) I am not allowed to mess with the network.

Is there a way to reset the IP address, through programming or other methods? Or is there a way to reset the entire board to factory defaults?


There is no default IP address on an RCM3200. You program with Dynamic C. You can set the networking parameters of the RCM3200 with the following macros:


See the TCPIP user manual, volume 1 at this link for more details