Resetting TCP/IP

I have an RCM4010 module and have added some code to change the IP Address, Netmask and Gateway. I think (know) I have an error in the code and after it ran the module doesn’t do ANYTHING. It appears to accept re-programming but my application appears to be no longer running.

Is there a way to reset the module back to Factory Defaults

Could it be related to this post?

I have seen this problem as well. I do dozens of program updates on the same module and so have traced this problem to wear and tear on the program connector and have to replace it. This cable really needs a switch in ti so that you can disable the `programming selector’ without having to remove the cable.

My TCPIP problem has been resolved. Silly me, having recognised a problem with the code, I went and disabled the wrong part while trying to recover and prevented the application from `re’configuring the board using the variables I had declared at the start of my code. Anyway - thanks.