How to receive io samples from one specific node on a network?

Currently, I am working on a project that has four sensor nodes with Zigbee Modules - 802.15.4 XBee, S2C hooked up to geophones sensors. My python code uses the add_io_sample_received_callback function and can receive all the incoming io samples from each of the different nodes on the network. However, I need a sample rate of around 150Hz, which can’t be possible if I am receiving samples from every node at the same time. My way around it was to have to coordinator only listen to a specific node of a set amount of time, then rotate around the network. However, I am not coming up with any good way to achieve this. Is this even possible? If not, would anyone have a solution to my problem of achieving a fast enough sampling rate?

The XBee modules you are using does not allow for a polling protocol like that. What you would need is an external processor in which to send the Poll request to. That external processor would then sample the data and send it.