Zigbee Wifi for ultrasonic manufacturing system


I’ve seen in the Zigbee wifi datasheet that it can be used for tank monitoring system. I want to know can the ultrasonic sensor be directly connected to the Zigbee wifi?

I thought we need some ADC. I am currently using XBee Pro and I am using ADC but I want to replace it with Xbee wifi. If directly connecting the ultrasonic sensor to Zigbee wifi is possible, then can I know what will be the sampling rate? Please help…

Can somebody please help me in this one?

It should be possible:

…Periodic IO Sampling
Periodic sampling allows the XBee module to take an IO sample and transmit it to a remote device at a periodic rate. The periodic sample rate is set by the IR command. If IR is set to 0 or there are no active IO lines, periodic sampling is disabled. For all other values of IR, data will be sampled after IR milliseconds have elapsed and transmitted to a remote device. The DL command determines the destination address of the IO samples…
=> 1kHz max.