IR sampling output pin

I want to attach SR04 ultrasonic sensor to xbee directly and read sampling each 100ms automatic. The problem is the sensor required pulse signal before sample can be taken. Is there anyway I can get IR pulse from any of IO pins? I want the remote sense independent, my micro doesn’t need to send pulse block.

you can put 5v logic to pulse input pin of sensor to read continuous sample.
You can send api command to become logic high or low of any DIO pin of xbee.
If you make a loop then it will be a series of pulse.
You may see this link IO sampling Using XBEE API(ADC operation)

the IO sampling link is good solution, just like what I think current solution will be. xbee A send pulse signal to xbee B using internal xbee A IR clock. But my target was not between 2 devices, but on 1 device. Since xbee has auto sampling mode by set IR value, maybe I can address the clock pulse into one of I/O pin on same xbee where the IR set (not into other xbee). what I try to achieve here is to ignore/remove time that need to transmit pulse from coordinator into router/end point, because pulse is change from 0 to 1 in a split second.