Automatically sample Inputs

I’m building a very basic wireless system. I would like 4 XBee modules to read three analog signals each and 1 digital signal each and relay this info back to a control module wirelessly.

Is there a way to setup the remote modules to read and send this info automatically?

As far as I can tell you must have remote API enabled and poll for this data from a command module.

Also a quick question about my system setup. Should I set this up as a point-to-multipoint system where one module is in broadcast mode and the rest unicast mode or should I set it up as a network with one coordinator and 4 end modules?

Check out the IR parameter - it causes the Xbee to read its inputs at set periods and send the values back to another XBee. No polling needed. I have two Xbees in such a setup, sending data back to a third which is connected to a PC serial port. The PC logs the data.

Unless you have other requirements, you don’t need broadcast mode and you don’t need a coordinator. You would need a coordinator if you wanted the modules to sleep between data transmissions, though.

Thanks, yeah I saw that parameter, but wasn’t sure if it just sampled the inputs or relayed the data as well. It seems to work quite well though, hopefully I will have my prototype up and running soon. Thanks again.