How to reduce the transmit delay created by the xbee modem?

I want use the xbee in some real time application, but i found the delay between two xbee modem is about 50ms, it cann’t fit my application. I want to know how to reduce the transmit delay between two xbee modem. The fireware I used is 10CD. Thanks

What sort of delay would you find acceptable? 45mS? 0.1mS?

If the former, it might be possible to find a solution. If the latter, it might be more difficult.

Maybe you could tell us a bit more about your application. For instance, the phrase “real time” has many possible implications including

  1. Delay must never be more than X (impossible in a radio-based system because of the possibility of interference)
  2. Delay should average at most Y

Which of these applies to you? If neither, what exactly are your constraints?

If you can give more information it might be easier to suggest solutions.

Delay must never be more than 30ms in my application.

Well, in that case I don’t think any wireless-based solution will work for you. You’re sharing bandwidth with any number of other possible users, so if everyone happens to be trying to transmit at the same time you’ll have to wait for your turn.

Bottom line: there is no guaranteed response time, and there cannot be because of the nature of the transmission medium.

If you really do need a guaranteed response time. you will need to use a cabled connection.

Thanks. Can you tell me some method to reduce the delay as far as possible?

No, sorry - that’s not something I’d know the answer to. The fine folks at Digi support are the ones with the really detailed knowledge. To get the best answer you may want to contact them directly. And then if you could post any tips here it would be useful for others.