How to remotely turn Xbee Pro ON and OFF

Hi everyone!

I’m working with a Libelium solution called (Waspmote). I’m implementing a project to measure the RSSI within devices (Waspmote). We are going to plug this devices to really big antennas, so I need to implement a solution to remotely turn off and on the xbee pro module that is going to be connected to one of the devices (Transmitter).

Does any one have an idea on how to do this?

Thank you


You didn’t mention whether you are using ZB, Znet 2.5, DigiMesh, or 802.15.4 firmware.

Depending on the type of firmware you should be able to send commands to the module to wake it and measure the RSSI.

For ZB, make the remote modules end devices and wake them when ready to measure.

See details in the user manual at

Hi trooper2. Thank for your reply. The firmware is 802.15.4 (it’s near my name at the end of my question), so could you tell me how can I “make the remote modules end devices”? In Over the air section of the manual?

Thank you

The 802.15.4 modules default to being end-devices. I think for what trooper2 is saying you need to make one module be a “coordinator” and set up cyclic mode on the end-devices.