unable to find remote device

I am powering my remote module from arduino only power connected and other module is on the computer but cant find as a remote module? what should I do

Which products are you working with? What is their full part number?

What firmware version is installed?

Are they at default settings? If not, what settings have been changed?

ZigBee XB24CZ7WIT-004 s2c 802.15.4 firmware loaded 1 coordinator on the tx side 2 end devices on the leds. I am trying to control multiple leds with one transmitter from arduinos at the same time. I checked serial communications of the arduino by using wires. TX and rx works by wire and codes are correct. I connected xbees tx to rx and rx to tx 3.3v and gnd. I choosed AT mode and broadcast mode. (on coordinator pan id=2017 DL,DH=0, MY=FFFF ce=enabled on end devices I copied SL,SH of the coord. to DH,DL values of end devices pan id=2017. Is that correct? By the way Thank you very much mvut.