Can't detect remote module if XCTU connected module in API mode

I have Zigbee Xbees
1 coordinator connected on a PC/XCTU
1 router on an Arduino
They have the same PAN ID

  1. If coordinator in AT Mode => no problem. The remote module is detected and communication works
  2. If coordinator in API. The remote module is not detected.

How are you trying to detect the remote module? By what means?


Yes I am trying the remote module using the discover icon on the coordinator in XCTU (that works in AT mode) or using the network discovery mode in XCTU. Both are not detecting anything.

That would indicate that they are not associated. On your router module, issue a local network reset (ATNR0).


Thanks for the hint. I ave some difficulties to change the code on the router attached device (arduino) and moreover I need to dismount the device, so I will do it later. It does not prevent it to work as the basic feature (sending frame) is working.
One additiona question: what do you mean by associated. I haven’t seen that concept / feature in the documentation (maybe I overlooked it).


Association is also referred to as Joining. This is the process in which a router locates a network or coordinator and establishes a connection to that coordinator or network. There is an entire section of the manual devoted to this.

Ok, thanks. That was I thought, however, I am still experiencing difficulties when my Coordinator is in API mode.
Today, I am trying to establish a communication with Zigbee Sensor (Temp/Light) and I am stuck at some point. The good news is that when I power up the device, I can see it through my coordinator and remotely configure it via XCTU, so I set the PAN ID and DH/DL to my Coordinateur address. But so far, the green light is blinking and is indicating that the module is not “associated” and it is not sending any data to the coordinator. Very limited documentation found.
Sorry to bother you with beginner’s questions

What is the blink pattern? Keep in mind that the Digi Temp Light sensors are configured as end devices so the association LED will blink about twice a second and then off while it is in a sleep state.


I have a permanent fast blinking. No sleep mode.

A fast blink would indicate that it is associated. The Association LED on solid indicates that it is not associated.

Thanks again for your support.

I have some alternate slow and fast blinking and apparently, and I have no communication issue with the sensor using XCTU interface. I can visualize and modify all parameters through the interface. When I push once the “reset” button, I receive a packet (Notification) on the coordinator.

I am now wondering if the sensor is sending spontaneously the measures to the network coordinator or if this needs to be explicitly polled ? As the sensor can sleep, this does not seems logical, but I may have missed something.

You need to Poll the data using the IS command from your Coordinator or other node that is using API mode and you want to receive the data on.

Ok, that is not the behavior I was expecting, so the question. In fact everything is OK. What is still not clear is what is the link between sleep period and polling. What happen if the module receive the ATIS command while sleeping ? I will dig into the documentation.

The parent will hold the message till the end device wakes and polls for it or until it has been purged from the parent.