XBee Series 1 Modules Rarely Recognized By X-CTU

I have a pair of XBee series 1 modules (XB24-AWI-001 to be exact).

I was able to recognize the modules in X-CTU only a couple of times. I have tried doing so like a hundred times and also tried checking all search options (Baud Rates, Flow Control, etc), but the XBee only gets recognized by luck.

I tried using CoolTerm to open a connection to the appropriate COM port with the appropriate baud rate, etc, but the module does not respond with an OK to +++.

I tried recovering the XBees but the process either fails when it asks me to reset the module (which I do, by shorting RST and GND), or it fails at some PutData error.

I know the modules are not faulty since I was able to recognize them once. How do I bypass X-CTU and work solely on a serial console using AT commands? I know there are three different modes (AT, API1 and API2), any way I can detect the mode of operation or just take the module into AT mode?

Lastly, what’s the difference between transparent mode and command (AT) mode?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Sounds like you have two issues. First, is that you are not working with a board that has DTR, RTS and Reset connected. Second, is that the module is most likely in a sleep state.

To resolve the issue, try using the XBee Recovery function while the radio is mounted on an XBIB development board or one similar which has the DTR and RTS lines connected.

AT and Transparent mode are the same thing.