xbee module in gateway is not associated

I have a Connect Port X4 that is not accessable? Using the Device Discovery tool, I can see the device and click on it. The WEB UI opens and I can see the one "End Device that is connected to it, but the coordinator itself does not show up. Also the GREEN XBee LINK LED is steadily flashing shjowing me that the xbee module in gateway is not associated.

I tried resetting, rebooting, disconnecting, etc…but nothing has changed! Any ideas??



The ZigBee Module inside of the ConnectPortX4 has backed out of its socket. We had another X4 device that we were about to RMA. Upon opening it…we discovered it’s module was backed off as well.

If the XBee module inside the gateway is not working correctly, you can put the XBee module on the XBIB board and program it in API mode at 115200 baudrate.