XBee Network


iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB.
Using the ConnectPort X4 I am not able to view the XBee network. Clicking Configuration > XBee Network in the web interface just keeps loading with nothing displayed.
Using telnet and executing ‘display xbee’ basically does the same with no results.

Any help will be appreciated.


Problem solved.

Got feedback from support to check within the unit. It turned out that the XBee chip was not properly connected - once push into the connector again everything seems to be fine.


What is the xbee chip, I have the same problem and i don’t know how solve it.

CPX4 has XBee module inside it. Open the box, set the XBee module properly in to the connector. If doesn’t work, put the module on the XBIB dev board and configure the module as API at 115200 baud, put back the XBee module in to the X4 box, now it works.