iDigi and 802.15.4 modules


We are currently testing both series (802.15.4 and ZB) of the XBEE modules in conjunction with iDigi platform.

We have 2 Connectport X4 gateways, one with 802.15.4 module and one with ZB module.

Case: the ZB test works fine. XBEE network discovery works from iDigi platform. All the XBEE parameters of the gateway module and end node modules can be read and modified. Great!

We perform the same test with 802.15.4. Discovery works and all modules are listed. But when we click a module (gateway or end device), the XBEE module parameters cannot be read/modified. It states “There are no properties for this device”.


  • is this generally for all 802.15.4 devices? We can actually read out all parameters from remote nodes when using the local Connectport and not the iDigi platform so “remote configuration” should not be the problem.
  • or is this related with firmware? Both gateway and end module firmware is 0x10e6

Thank you in advance!


It seems like that RCI utility on the ConnectPort X4 is not working now for you. Have you tried by changing the latest firmware for CPX4 from the Digi Support site?