How to use XBee WiFi modules with iDigi?

Is it possible to use the XBee WiFi modules with iDigi. I can see how the ZigBee modules can be uses with iDigi via the ConnectPort gateways, but is there an equivalent ConnectPort gateway for the WiFi modules or is there a way to interface these modules with iDigi over a standard WiFi infrastructure?

My interest is in remote control of home heating system over Internet; reading temperature and controlling relays.



hey hi…could you please help me how to connect zigbee devices via connectport x8…please help me…it’s urgent…thank you

Yes, I have the same question as mcmahongg, does Xbee Wifi support iDigi???
Thanks in advance!

According to this post. The DO parameter to connect to iDigi is not enabled in the Xbee Wifi firmware. But, this might be added in the future.