how to request an I/O rx packet??

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By reading various books I understand how to read the API packet that is sent from the router to the coordinator. Unfortunately I’m unsure how to get this packet to be sent to the coordinator. I’ve read about sending AT commands (0x08) via API with no parameter value, so as to ‘query’ the register. But does that respond with a I/O rx packet?
I have configured two pins to be digital inputs using the ATD1 3 & ATD2 3 commands.

Im using two series 1 xbees.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Alex

Set IR to non-zero value based on your requirement. For Ex- If IR=60 then you will receive an API packet at the specified destination every 60 seconds.
Refer the following link, to decrypt the received frame,
Select the Device Type as ZigBee and select 0x92 frame which is IO Data Sample Rx Indicator.
You can also find this information in the Zigbee product manual at digi website.