How to see XBee data on a terminal program?

I have two XBee PRO S1 modules. One module is connected to an analog device, the other module is in a USB adapter. The modules are communicating, and I am receiving data, but the data is gibberish and keeps rapidly scrolling. I managed to enter “+++” and it responded with “OK”, but I just keep getting the rapidly scrolling gibberish data, no matter what terminal program I use. How do I configure things so that I get a proper readout? And what would that readout be?

can we know the configuration of your module

For the receiving radio: Sample rate 100, PMW0 = disabled, DL = 5678, MY = 1234, everything else is the default value or setting. For the transmitting radio: DL = 1234, MY = 5678, ADC = 2, sample rate = 100, everything else is the default value or setting.

i think they might be problem with your setting there is no DL value like that can you please refer the following link for your problem:

I used that DL value for a test from a Digi article. The link you sent doesn’t say anything about what the DL should be set at.