how to set firmware version on compile to .bin image for remote flash update RCM6700

Create .bin image compile to flash with DC 10.72E of my main application code (400K bytes).

Using the \RemoteProgramUpdate\FIRMWARE_REPORT.C running in ram reports the firmware version is 0.0

Can I change the firmware version number to something else at compile time?

According to firmware_info.lib the version is set by the project macro FIRMWARE_VERSION
The StdBios.c has the macro and you can make the change there.

Check the documentation in the opening comments of Lib/Rabbit4000/RemoteProgramUpdate/board_update.lib. It describes three macros you can define in the Project settings:

Set the following macros in your Project Defines menu to have the information embedded into the firmware, and accessible to this API.

FIRMWARE_NAME String, up to 19 printable characters, null-terminated.

FIRMWARE_VERSION 16-bit word (0x0000). In our sample projects, it’s treated as a BCD (binary-coded decimal) value and printed as (“%u.%02x”, VER >> 8, VER & 0xFF).

FIRMWARE_TIMESTAMP 32-bit value, # of seconds since 1/1/1980. Defaults to using the system time at compile time, can override to get repeatable firmware images (same .BIN built from project/source files regardless of compile date/time).

Instead of modifying StdBios.c, you should set the macros in the “Defines” tab of the “Options/Project Options” menu item so they’re tied to your project (.dcp) configuration file.