how to setup xbee network?packet routing in xbee network?indirect data packet transmission

suppose one network with 3 xbees are available 1 node A ,node B, node c. node A can communicate with nodeB. node B can communicate with nodeC.Butnode A and node C cannot communicate to each other.A should communicate with node B to send data to node c.Everything will work in API mode.How to do hopping with which frame type

You didn’t mention which XBee variant you are using. Few of them do not support mesh networking. I’ll assume that your modules are not one of them.

In API frame, provide address of destination module and transmit. Routing and hopping is self controlled by modules and do not require user’s intervention. For eg, if node A wants to send data to node C via node B, then in transmit API frame constructed locally at node A, provide destination address of node C.

Read product manual for different API frames supported by your XBee modules.