How to share Realport serial buffer with AWS page.

Hardware: Platform WiMe 9210, NET OS 7.5.2 , Windows x64,Browser (FireFox). PC RealPort driver 4.5.372.0

Wizzard NET OS 7.5.2 generated project.
Selection for RealPort and AWS . Server pages and RealPort work fine.

However I need to capture some serial data going through the RealPort and make them available to home page of the server.

Essentially the goal is to have some preview of data on the home page.


Everything “known” to the AWS engine in NET+OS is made available via the (what I call) stub functions. Those are the functions created by pbuilder relating to RpGetPtr/PpSetPtr attributes in a comment tag. You’ll need to get Realport to write the data that the page needs to some global variables. Then the “stub functions” can access the (realport) data from the global variables.

>> Thanks for your input. Yes, you are correct about AWS stubs, but there is a small caveat, the RealPort’s functions are encapsulated in a compiled library. There are no src files in NET-OS framework for RealPort API – correct me I am wrong. And this is the part I am struggling with.


I looked into this RealPort business a little more. Yes RealPort on NET+OS is shipped as a library and as such you do not have access to its internals. Further it was built to act as a passthru so there are no provisions for a developer to access the data as it passes through. RealPort is proprietary and thus its internals would not be shipped in source form. further there are no callbacks or other mechanisms to give you access to the data.

Thanks for confirmation.
Thanks and Best Regards