Serial ports as non standard topic

I am developing on a DigiConnect ME under Net OS 7.1 and am missing the serial page at the Dev Board. Standard pages like Upload Firmware and Network are present. The actual firmware from your company contains a page called “serial” giving us the possibility to route a serial stream to your special driver called “Real port driver” and the possibility to route a serial stream as a Broadcast. Is it possible to get the sources for that serial page as a lib or C code ??

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Alexander Fuchs

I too would be interested in this code to see how you have managed to get full throughput at high baud rates.

I am using the standard serial API’s and scanning in a high priority task but I still seem to loose bytes on the RX.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold your breath for the ability to send faster-rate serial other than polling for rx’d characters, etc. A month or two ago I spoke with one of the engineers at Digi and expressed our desire to have a task-aware packet driver, or something of the like to prevent having to poll/sleep/poll etc. Apparently they use some sort of stream-based paradigm on their own products for high throughput that is apparently not going to be made available for public consumption.

But we can keep asking!


The Realport driver will actually be a part of Net OS 7.3 as a library. Also, the primary reason Digi doesn’t supply source for the ‘plug and play’ firmware (aside from it’s Digi’s own proprietary code), is that it isn’t actually NET+OS compatible. It has it’s own, very different, build environment and uses a (mostly) seperate code base.