How to "sniff" the zigbee network - confirm sent of packet

I used with a data logger an Xbee Pro serie 2 module (OEM).
I can receive message from digi sensor and an 0x95 API message from a embedded system with xbee pro serie 2 too. (works with a LPC µcontroller).

During debug on LPC, I can see message from digi. But I can see transmit from logger (master / coordinator)

Debug on LPC say that message are transmit on the UART port to the ZB pro module. But I can’t see message.

I would like to be sure that the packet are sent. How can I view all transmitted packet on the zigbee network.

I can see all connected device / router woth the X-CTU application. But I’d like also view the transmit data.

Is it possible ? How ??

some body can help me ??