How to stop a remote device application through ESP

This must be a really stupid question.
I followed the ESP tutorial in creating a simple application and launched it using run as “remote Digi Python application.” All is good except I do not know how to stop the application.
All I can do now is physically power off the device.
Is there a way I can stop the application remotely?

Thanks so much.

I’m not familiar with ESP but I’m guessing that selection uploads the python script to a gateway then sets it to autostart.

There is likely a way to disable through ESP but if all else fails…

With remote access to the gateway via Device Cloud log into your account, select your device and open its properties page, select the Python tab, uncheck the “autostart” box next to your script and click Save. Depending on your gateway it will either unload your script immediately or after a reboot. Either way it won’t start up again.

If you have local access you can do the same thing by navigating to your device’s configuration page.