ConnectPort X4 Configuration and Management using iDigi ESP

Is it possible to Configure and Manage my ConnectPort X4 using the ESP App in the same manner as if i went to the web interface? I imported my dia to the ESP app. When I open th eyml file, I see all my devices, but I cannot figure out how to see configuration data such as IO Configuration, sleep mode settings, polling rate, scan duration, etc…

Does anyone know if this stuff is available using ESP??


Rick King

Hello Rick,

I am afraid, Digi ESP does not provide any device configuration stuff. Digi ESP only creates a link between the IDE and the device to know where files should be transferred and executed, which requires only the device IP address. If you want to configure your ConnectPort X4 you will have to continue using the device’s web interface.

Kind regards.


Of course if you are looking for a way to remotely manage your ConnectPort X4, might we suggest iDigi? You can conveniently transfer your Python applications, manage configuration, upload firmware and remotely control devices. Go to and click “Get Started”. The iDigi Developer Cloud account is free.

Have you tried iDigi before?