If you disable the Automatically run MicroPython application at module startup setting... how to run on demand?

If you disable the “Automatically run MicroPython application at module startup” setting… is there a python command run the firmware? The micropython documentation tells you that you can enable/disable this feature, but fails to follow up about if you disable the run-on-start-up, how to prompt it to run on demand?




so, no? none of those commands appear to run a start-up-disabled micropython file on demand.

You can stop it with the commands. But you would need to start it back up by enabling the auto start up and rebooting or reloading the script and running it.

You can press CTRL-R in the REPL to have it run code stored in /flash/main.mpy.

is there a way to tie this into a gui button press? or send it as an AT command or something?