how to unjoin end device from coordinator

I set xbee3 module as ZHA.
and some end device(light switch) join a network.

this is a 64 bit address of end device.(000d6f000c1365bd)

and I tried to unjoin a device from coordinator using AT Command(Register Joining Device, 0x24) like this : 7e000d2401000d6f000c1365bd16bc004b

but, xbee3(coordinator) response like this : 7e0003a401b1a9
start delimiter : 7E
length : 00 03
frame type : A4 (Register Joining Device Status)
frame id : 01
register status : B1 (Address not found in the key table)
checksum : A9

my question is how to unjoin specific end device from coordinator.
(except AT Command, ‘NR0’)

The ATNR0 command is how you do it. You can try the &X or you can look in the ZDO function to find one that will do the Job.

I’m a begginer.
so I don’t understand well. Could you please explain in more detail?

On the XBee, the NR command is what is called a Network Reset. It can be done using a 0 (Local device) or with a 1 (Global).

When issued, the radio will either disassociated and try to re-join or will tell all nodes to disassociate and try to re-join.

Yes, all this can be turned off, but there are many nuances to consider! But all this will be checked in the process of implementation, so I will not give an answer right away!