How to upgrade from anywhereusb2 to anywhereusb5

I have been using anywhereusb/2 for a while now. We’ve just purchased an anywhereusb/5 G2 to replace the anywhereusb/2.

Are there recommended steps for replacing the older device with the newer, maintaining as much of the existing configuration as possible?

  1. Configure the AWUSB/5 G2 with a static IP address, so it’s on the same subnet as the host computer (the Windows-based computer that has the AWUSB software installed). Use the Digi Device Discovery Utility to do this.

  2. Make sure you can ping the AWUSB/5 G2 from the host computer, and access the web interface of the AWUSB/5 G2.

  3. The AWUSB/5 G2 should appear on the left-hand side of the AWUSB Configuration Utility (but it it doesn’t, add the IP address of the AWUSB/5 G2 to the Connection List, via “Edit / Connection List”).

  4. Select the AWUSB/5 G2 and click the Connect button. All 5 of the USB Port LEDs should turn solid Green, indicating a successful connection.

  5. Remove the USB devices from the AWUSB/2 and attach them to the AWUSB/5 G2. They should automatically install.

  6. Disconnect the AWUSB/2 from the host computer by selecting it (in the AWUSB Config Util) then clicking the Disconnect button.

That should be all there is to it.