How to upload a file (file size > 32KB) using RCI Commands

I would like to know how to upload a file (file size > 32KB) using RCI Commands.

I am able to upload the file, if the file size is < 32KB.

I went through the RCI specification. It says that the largest request that can be processed is 32KB. If a request is
larger than this, it must be split into multiple RCI requests.

If I split it to multiple RCI requests, the Device is overwriting the previous request and results in file upload with the last RCI request contents.

Please let me know the solution for this.

It sounds like you’re not splitting the packet correctly. You need to make sure to send each 32kb as it’s own config file, and wait for it to return a response before sending the next 32kb. It must also be a complete and well formated RCI command (see the RCI Specification for details).