How to use profiling option in Multi ?

I have been trying to use the profiling capability of multi IDE but without success. I follow the documentation inside mult.pdf document:

  1. I set “Performance Analysis” as “Functions” inside “Project->File Options for …”
  2. After, all the project is recompiled
  3. I can see the function for counting inserted (__ghs_mcount) when I disassembly the code, at the beginning of any function
  4. I open the debug window and, before running the program, I open the profile window with “View->profile”
  5. With profiling started, I can upload the code and run it using my Raven (play option).

However, when I try to collect profiling information (there is a dump option for this in the profile window), I just can see some functions and the information seems wrong.

Could you help me about using this useful resource ?
I am using Net+Arm 50 and netos6.

Thanks in advance !

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