VIDE (ARM Visual gdb Tool)

Tech Support, Do you’ll have a detailed document of how to use VIDE for debugging NET50 application. The document that was provided along with the CD does not have any information of how to setup the initialization file (.ini file), single step the instructions and other details. The current gdb is command driven and need I need to use some GUI version for debugging purpose. Please give a detailed response. Thanks.

You need to submit your query to in order to get support from Technical Support. This is the forum where Net+Os and Net+Arm users share their knowledge and experience on issues.

I am sure you have not read the site properly or under some false illusion. This forum is named “Online Customer Support Forum”. Hope you understand the meaning for the same.

VIDE comes as part of the GNU kit, so this question is valid here. however I strongly suggest that you stay away from VIDE as it has more bugs than features and is pracrically unusable. I would recommend looking on the tool called DevCpp as it can be easyly ported to to the same jom ,and it generates standart makefiles