gdb + NET+50

I have difficulty in debugging the sample application “naftpapp” with gdb on my NET+50 evaluation board. I start the debug session in the directory “src/examples/naftpapp/32b” with the following lines: — make all gdb -nw -se debug.x (gdb) source …/…/…/…/gdb50edo.ini (netsilicon-gdb)break main breakpoint 1 at 0x23b8: file ./…/…/…/bsp/bsproot.c, line 1055 (netsilicon-gdb)load Loading section .init, size 0x48 lma 0x0 Loading section .text, size 0x7cb3c lma 0x1000 Loading section .data, size 0x2df4 lma 0x7db3c Start address 0x589bc , load size 522616 Transfer rate: 154849 bits/sec, 511 bytes/write (netsilicon-gdb)continue Continuing. warning: Cannot insert breakpoint 1: Error accessing memory address 0x23b8: Not owner. — Output of “netsiliconRemote.exe”: — Started listening socket on port 8888. OCDemon : Raven via LPT 1 at speed : 1 Accepted gdb connection. BP WriteMemory Failed at : 23b8 — What’s wrong?

try using newer netsiliconlibremote from here

>my NET+50 evaluation board. > (gdb) source …/…/…/…/gdb50edo.ini I don’t think there is EDO RAM on your development board. Try find the proper gdb*.ini file for your board. (You might copy it as gdb.ini into your 32b directory, gdb will then load it automatically). Regards, Arie de Muynck