How to use "Route Request Command"

Could you tell me How to use “Route Request Command”?
I konw the general format of the Route Request Command from this document, page …
page 343/604

Octets: 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 0/8

Command | Route request | Destination | Path cost | Destination
options | identifier | address | | IEEE Address

NWK command payload

Route Request Command Frame Format

But i don’t know how to send it using XCTU,
since I could not find any thing related to it in X-CTU

Could you tell me how to send it using X-CTU?
In addition, could you tell me how to send it in API mode?

Read the product manual for the exact xbee module you are working with. You will find that the ability to view the rout is part of the radios firmware and documented.