how to use zigbee kit to wirelessly transmit data


I recently purchased the Zigbee application kit from rabbit, and am a novice to the rabbitsemiconductor products (so please excuse my naievete).

I have previously purchased a maxstream dev. kit and layed out my own board with a PIC to supply information and send it wirelessly back to a PC that is hooked to the dev. kits coordinator board (it works great!!)

I am now trying to take that same board and instead of communicating with the Maxstream coordinator board, use the Rabbit RCM 3720 and communicate this information out the ethernet.

Please excuse my ignorance, but all that the sample programs show is how to modify the AT parameters (which are the zigbee module parameters), how do I send data from one to another? I tried writing a simple program where in which I open serial port D and continuously loop waiting for characters and then printf them to the screen, but for some reason, I am not seeing any characters in the stdio window (when I know that the RCM 3720 should be receiving some). Any suggestions??


Hi Subha

My 10c worth. Make sure the modems can see eachother. Use xb_rweb_dio.c on the RCM3720 to make sure you can detect the modem on your PIC board. If not then check out the modem configs till they can see eachother.


Hi subha,

I have just started working with Zigbee Application Kit. I have to develop a 802.15.4 to ethernet bridge. In order to get started I would like to program an application that takes an ASCII message coming from the ethernet interface and sends it through the RF interface, but I have the same problem you have posted (I have only found configuration functions rather than sending/receiving ones). I have been studying the xb_rweb_dio application and I think that there are several functions that implement this functionality (serWrite, serRead, serPeek) but when I use ctrl-H option to see how they work it is impossible to find them. I am wondering they are available just in binary code. Do you solve the problem?

Thank you very much in advance,


I’ve the same problem. Did you find a solution?

I think at least zigbee modules and usb interface is necessary for it.

I am facing with the same problem hope this would help me.Thanks alot for your suggestion.