ZigBee RCM3720


I’m a university student working on a project as a trainee with this kind of application kit, but with no positive response. I’ve only tried the samples files, but I’ve some questions about the use of XB_RWEB_DIO.C file.

1�) I’d like to know how to make the ip config for the second ethernet, the one which connects the protoboard RCM3720 to the PC and vice versa?

2�)The only files I need to open inside Dynamic C are XB_RWEB_DIO.C and XB_BASIC_DIO.C?

Any help will be appreciated!

Hi Manuel,

Did you configure the X-Bee modules using the X-CTU utility. This is a PC program you use to configure the coordinator node, and any other nodes you want to connect with the coordinator node. You must configure the X-Bee modules correctly before XB_RWEB_DIO.C or XB_BASIC_DIO.C will work properly. Look at your Getting Started guide as it discusses running the X-CTU utility. If you don’t have the Getting Started guide, you can download it here:

ZigBee Application Kit Docs

Hi bsprouse,

I already configure the X-Bee modules using the X-CTU utility, the program XB_BASIC_DIO.C works fine, but the other one XB_RWEB_DIO.C stop in the middle of compilation.

STDIO windows shows an error in the DKENTRY.LIB saying this entry

#ifndef __DKENTRY_LIB
#define __DKENTRY_LIB
/*** EndHeader */

should be inside this

/*** BeginHeader dkSetExitHook */
xmem void dkSetExitHook(void);
/*** EndHeader */

As far as I’m concern there are no errors because this is a .lib file and this kind of file should start with “#ifndef” and “#define”.

Now I’m really lost, don’t have any ideia how to solve this. Any help? And… Thanks for the previous help!


You must enable “Separate Instruction and Data Spaces.” This can be done by selecting the options menu then project options then the compiler tab. You should see the check box. After checking recompile.

Good luck

Thanks everybody! You guys helped a lot!