I have a ZigBee�/802.15.4 Application Kit.

I use the XB_BASIC_DIO.C example

This sample program constantly discovers nodes and turns LEDs DS1 and
DS2 on the RF Interface module on and off. The pushbuttons S1 and S2 and the battery voltage are also monitored and their status is displayed in the Dyamic C STDIO window.

and I see in the STDIO window:

Discovering Nodes…
Found nodes:
MY: FFFE SH: 13A200 SL: 40063113 DB: 42 NI: CHILD2
MY: FFFE SH: 13A200 SL: 40063125 DB: 49 NI: CHILD1
Forcing input samples for the local Xbee…
samples(0001) channel Indicator(1014) active I/Os(0000) ADC3(017C)

I don’t understand because I push buttons but don’t change nothing… and I don’t know how I can make a simple porgram (like flashing led) in Dynamic C and send to XBee� RF modem interface.

I have the same question. How can I do this type of communication?