how to write the firmware of xbee s2 pro using x-ctu in sparkfun usb explorer dongle?

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the x-ctu displays the following message while writing to xbee s2 pro:
getting modem type…Programming modem…Flash checksum error failed
Found bootloader active reprogramming firmware.
Write parameters… failed

we have tried to reset the device but it does not show the reset dialogue box. also, in the terminal, the character C s continuously displayed. What might be the problem here? Could you please provide us a solution?


Give a try with following links, and

thank you for your help.

If the provided link doesn’t work, Try to reflash the firmware using below steps

  • Change the baud rate to 38400 and check “No baud change” under PC Settings in X-CTU
  • Go to Modem Configuration tab, select correct Modem, Function set and Version
  • Click “Show Defaults”
  • Check “Always Update Firmware”
  • Click “Write”
    If “Action Required” window pop up, press the reset button on the interface board once, Digi interface provides reset button.
    I’m not sure about other boards. The pop up disappears and module gets programmed to selected firmware.
  • If you get any errors, like checksum error failed, you need to optimize your interface boards, refer the following link,
  • Now go to PC Settings and change the baud rate to 9600 and uncheck “No Baud Change”
  • Go to modem configuration tab and select Read, you can see all the XBee parameters.