HTTP GET in API Mode on Xbee LTE Cat 1

The example in the manual uses transparent mode to perform an HTTP GET from I’m attempting to perform the same GET in API mode.

How does one specify using the TX IPv4 (0x20) frame type? There is only a field for destination IP and port. I tried the IP address listed in the manual for as well as the IP addresses provided by various online lookup services for I have been getting 503s and 400s all morning. I’ve confirmed the service is working via web browser.

Thank you for any help.

What are you providing as an API frame?

Don’t forget - you just use the FQDN/DNS name and the xbee (actually the CELL MODULE) will do the IP look up based on the VZ supplies DNS info. For example, in my unit I set the DL value as “”. I’m not using API mode, but I assume one can write strings via API mode, as things like P#/phone number is just a string of digits.

After all, the carrier (like VZ) loves to provide DNS lookup, because then they gain marketable data on your usage :slight_smile: