HTTP gives unknown command after 7702 requests


I need to control the GPIO pins of the Connect ME device and
I’m doing this by sending HTTP POST request over the Port 80 of the module. That works fine, but after exactly 7702 POST requests the module always returns the error “Unknown command”! I have to reset the module an then it works again.

My POST request looks like this:

POST /UE/rci HTTP/1.1


Connection: close

Content-length: 98


stands for carriage return and line feed.
After this request, I get a positive answer from the module. But, after 7702 requests it stops working and gives me this “Unknown command” error.

I allready tried to not close the TCP connectiona after each request by sending “Connection: Keep-Alive” instead of “Connection: close”, but that results in exactly the same problem.

Setting the GPIO pins then still works over the Web-Interface, BUT does not work over the Java device configuration utility applet. The applet uses the same protocol that I do.

Can anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong or is this a problem of the Connect ME???

Just wondering: Do the Digi developers look in here from time to time? :wink:

By the way: Is there another possibility to set the GPIOs?
The HTTP POST method works fine on port 80, but it’s a bit to slow for me, it takes nearly a second to send the command and wait for the answer. Is there another protocol on another TCP port that’s faster? Maybe this could also fix my problem with the “Unknown error” after 7022 requests.