Problem with RCI over HTTP in a C++ program.

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I try to send parameters to a DIGI Connect ME -C with the RCI protocol over HTTP with a C++ program. So I have made a function which uses Post method to send the datas, but the device does not accept these. My C++ compiler uses HTTP 1.0 version, is it compatible ?

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Are your POST requests correctly formatted? What are the responses the Connect ME is returning? Have you made sure to include authorization?

Thanks for your answer, my problem was on my HTTP C++ component. I can now reboot my device, but when I try to change others parameter, this does not work.
in example I send this to change the serial port :

The device answer me :
Request not valid XML

Can you help me to see where the problem is ?

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I add that I already have one UDP serial port configured as :

Description Send To UDP Port
udp1 12000

okay I have resolve this problem …

I have moreover an other problem : I want to create new user account by RCI protocol. Which RCI message must I send ?

Check out the RCI spec for . Keep in mind the Connect ME can only handle two users. Also, if you want to set a password you have to use the field (not listed in the RCI spec) under user.

Ok thanks, I have wrote this code :


but the device answer me :
Field specified does not existcleartextpassword

I think replace but without encryption, but maybe I’m wrong. The field is accessible with all version on device and all firmwares ? I have just 2 users (Root + thomas), and my firmware version of the device is :
Firmware: (Version 82000856_F6 07/21/2006)
POST: 1.1.3 (release_82000867_G). If I don’t specify the password in the RCI command, this command is accepted by the device and the name is changed in the users management tab, but the password is not kept.


You are correct about the password field. I forgot to mention that you have to be running the most current version of firmware for the field to work: (82001116_h.bin).

Thanks a lot for your help. That works perfectly now.

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How do you get RCI to work with a -C module? I thought that was only for -S modules and the integration kit?