HUBPORT 7C causes devices to fail FW upgrade via Segger JLINK


We have just purchased a HUBPORT 7C with power supply. To this we have connected a NRF58240 eval board. But when we want to flash this board with JLINK (Segger) it fails. It works without the hub and it works with other hubs.

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HW info:
Manufacturer Model SystemType
LENOVO 11DUS1UJ01 x64-based PC

OS info:
Caption CSDVersion OSArchitecture Version
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit 10.0.17763

It is not only when updating a connected device via JLINK but also devices that resets. Devices that are reset seems also to be blocked by the hub. The port simply gets disabled.
I hope that someone can provide some assistance. This is the most expensive hub we have bought, but it has the worst performance we have experienced.