hung log in attempts

re:connectport ts16 part number 70002388
failed log in attempts still show up using ‘who’ in the CLI.
killing the tty replies successful, but doesn’t actually kill the tty. still shows up with ‘who’.
eventually the “hung” logging in attempts add up and the terminal server must be power cycled because it won’t allow anymore log in attempts.
firmware has been updated to the latest as of 5/3/2021.
Our IT security scan takes this appliance down.
please provide a solution.

Hi Danny,

To resolve the issue you describe, I think that first of all, you’d want to access your CP-TS16’s Configuration – Network – Network Services Settings area and disable any Network Service which isn’t actually being used with your use-case of the product.

Next, you’ll want to enable TCP Keep-alive, as described in this area of the User Guide:

For idle timeout, go with 0 Hrs:0 Mins:10 Secs, along with a Probe Interval of 10, and Probe Count of 5, as these are the minimum values allowable (which would allow you to free up the “stuck” serial port faster).

If the above doesn’t resolve the behavior you describe, you’ll want to contact Technical Support after registering your product at the following link as your next step: