I am using the portserver TS 16 in my network. Since a couple of days I am receiving traps almost every 20 seconds. They say:

Packet Type=Trap
Protocol Version=SNMPv1
Timetick=1days 00:47:07.00
Object= (digiLoginTraps)

In the webfrontend nothing is wrong. The device was working well many months until now. There were no change in the configuration.

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

Thank you

Check the Web UI of your TS 16. Go to configuration > system > snmp, then check and see if any of the boxes there (in particular “Generate Login Traps”) are checked. If not, check to make sure you’re on the latest firmware for your product, which is available from the Support website.

“Generate Login Traps” is enabled.
I want to receive a trap if someone tries to login in my TS16. But I don’t want to receive 4000 traps a day. Nobody is trying to login. The trap is generated by the TS16 itself.

You haven’t mentioned which firmware version you’re using. Is your Portserver TS16 using the latest version (82000684_U) of firmware? If not, what version is loaded?

Also, is your Portserver accessible from the Internet? This might reflect that someone is trying to hack into your box, or a bot is nailing it or something.

I am using Version 82000684_L 04/01/2005
This might not to be the latest firmware version. The Device is not accessible from the internet.
I am a little afraid of upgrading it because my portserver is one hour driving away. I can mange it over my WAN-Network, but if it crashes during the updating procedure I loose it.

That firmware rev. is very old, so I’d recommended updating it to current revision first and seeing if the problem still exists. Since the box isn’t likely being hacked from the internet, firmware bug seems to be most likely at this point.

I would recommend updating the firmware locally vs. over a WAN connection, because WAN links can sometimes crash and I share your concern over doing it that way.

It isn’t real difficult to update firmware, so if someone at that location can do the update it would save you the drive. They can call us if they need assistance. Just make sure they update the POST first, then reboot the box after they get the success message. After reboot, the EOS (i.e. the 82000684 firmware) firmware can then be updated.

So I will update the portserver as soon I get there. In the meantime I switch off the traps.
Thank you for you help.

If the update doesn’t resolve this issue once you re-enable, please open a Support case so we can get to the bottom of this.