Portserver TS 16 not getting SNMP login traps after login using web browser

We have several Portserver TS 16 Model#50001207-01 AD
running POST ver:82000685_G and Firmware ver #82000684_T1
I am trying to send the snmp user login success/fail traps to an snmp manager application.

Currently I have configured the desired traps and the trap destination IP. I am getting those traps whenever login to the CLI using PUTTY-Serial, SSH, Telnet. I am also connected to the DIGI over ethernet as well and can login over the web interface also, however it looks like the Portserver TS16 is not sending those traps when the web interface is used.

Does anybody know how to troubleshoot this?

Well it appears I am answering my own question. Decided to post it hoping that it will help some people.

I upgraded to firmware version 82000684_W 10/23/13 and now all the snmp login authenticatioins are being sent to the snmp manager. Now to flash all the other Portserver units.