Hyper-V Guest, PortServer TS/8 & External Modems

I’m needing to connect a Hyper-V guest server (Server 2008 or 2008R2) to eight external modems. This server monitors some SCADA equipment via dial-up lines.

My question is “will this work?”… Use a PortServer TS/8 as a networked terminal server to connect to eight external modems (Multi-Tech ZDX). The idea is that the virtual guest server will use the RealPort COM Port Redirector to “create” eight new serial ports to attach to the PortServer. The PortServer’s serial ports are connected to the modems & therefore the Hyper-V guest now has access to these modems.

I would prefer a terminal server that combines this funtionality, but I can’t find a Digi product (or anyone else’s, for that matter) that provides multiple modems via an IP network.