I am getting trouble in configuring a xbee module as transmitter and receiver at a same time pls guide me

Which XBee modules do you have? Can you provide the part number and firmware versions you are working with?

Part number-602-1098-ND , Firmware version 10EC
Can you please provide me with the steps to configure a particular module as a transmitter and as a receiver since i couldnt find any other source.

That is not a valid part number. The part number should be something like XB24.


Now what is the firmware version installed on that module? Are both modules you are using have the same part number? Please provide me iwth the 2nd modules part number as well.

2nd module is also having same part number xctu software version 10EC

2nd module is also having same part number and xctu software version 10EC

Please do reply. I’m waiting for more than a day.2nd module is also having same part no and the xctu version is 10EC

You had better take a second look at that part number as the firmware versions you are listing are for two completely different products which are not capable of communicating.