I bricked two XBees by setting the sleep mode to pin?

I have three units. They were working flawlessly. One is over a year old and one I received yesterday. I connected to the remotes and set their sleep mode to “pin”. Both of them. Now they will not be found, and when I hook them to the PC they do not respond to any data.

I wired up buttons to Commission and Reset and followed all of the tactics I could find here. No joy. I added an LED to the Associate pin and nothing ever happens when I try to locate them or when I push the Commission button one to four times. The Sleep_rq pin is low and the Sleep pin is high, as they would be if the unit is not sleeping.

I’m out of ideas. Can anyone offer some suggestions, please?

Sleeping end devices will not respond to a Node Discovery. That is part of the standard and is to be expected.